NovoPolymers NV is a Belgium company with a strong focus on the development and production of environmentally sound sheets and films for primarily the solar cell industry.



Novopolymers wants to contribute to expand the worldwide access to sustainable and renewable energy. Novopolymers wants to secure environment and quality of life for generations to come.


Become a key player in the photovoltaic supply chain recognized as a customer driven innovative filmconverter supplying encapsulant and backsheet products. Our R&D efforts will fuel environmentally sound solutions, enabling cost reduction alternatives for module manufacturers. NovoPolymers will operate in a seamless mode with customers to maximize the value chain.

NovoPolymers will offer in this industry next to a range of EVA based conventional and unconventional cured encapsulants also innovative non-cure sheets based on non-silicone thermoplast elastomers to facilitate recycle ability and compatibility with next generation thin-film PV technology. In its development program NovoPolymers also has concepts for a new generation of backsheet films reducing or avoiding halogens.



• Koen Hasaers (COO)

Koen holds a Master in Science - Bio Engineering and a Master in Automation Engineering. He has 17 years of experience in manufacturing operations and supply chain, in the telecom and mainly pharmaceutical industry. The last 6 years Koen managed the global supply chain and the packaging sites (3) of the global clinical supply unit of Johnson & Johnson.

NovoPolymers strongly believes it has a technology and production platform able to offer sound clean sustainable film and sheet solutions for the renewable energy market. The management team holds a strong track record in R&D, business development and operations in polymers, film extrusion and -lamination and in chemistry.



Capricorn Venture Partners

Capricorn Venture Partners is a pan-European manager of venture capital funds seeking to invest in technology based growth companies. The Capricorn Cleantech Fund is Capricorn’s third consecutive venture capital fund. The fund invests in European growth companies developing innovative breakthrough technologies in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency, water purification and re-use, bio based material conversion and biorefinery platforms, clean air, climate change, green chemistry and advanced materials, materials recovery and recycling.
The investment team of Capricorn is composed of experienced investment managers with deep technology expertise and a broad industrial experience, and will be expanded in light of the Capricorn Cleantech Fund’s recent successful closing.
The Capricorn Cleantech Fund benefits from an investment by the European Investment Fund through the "Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme" of the European Union.

For more information see or contact Dr Jos B. Peeters, Managing Partner +32-16-28-41-00



The Federal Holding and Investment Company (Federale Participatie- en Investeringsmaatschappij / Société Fédérale de Participations et d'Investissement) was created on 1 November 2006 as a result of the merger between the Federal Participation Company and the Federal Investment Company, two public holding companies that each have their own history.

The federal government is the sole shareholder in the Federal Holding and Investment Company.

The Federal Holding and Investment Company (FHIC) centrally manages the federal government's shareholdings, cooperates with the government on specific projects and pursues its own investment policy in the interests of the Belgian economy.

The FHIC has three core businesses:

  • acquiring shareholdings in public and private companies that are of strategic importance in terms of federal policy;
  • investing in companies with an attractive social value in one of the FHIC's priority sectors;
  • cooperating on policy matters with the federal government and working on behalf of the government to implement specific projects.

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"Capital-E provides early stage capital to companies developing unique selling propositions based on enabling electronics or advanced materials.

Through its entrenched relationship with IMEC, the largest independent research center in micro- and nano-electronics in Europe, Capital-E and its ventures can directly rely on the support of over 2000 scientists and engineers, as well as leverage on IMEC's 500+ worldwide partners (such as NXP, Infineon, ST, Intel, SK Hynix, Micron, Toshiba, Panasonic, Texas Instruments, Samsung, TSMC, Global Foundries, etc...) to cost effectively promote adoption of highly innovative products.

We are a hands-on, independent and complementary team with expertise in electronics and materials. The team has a balanced mix of entrepreneurial, industrial and VC experience. We cover technical, operational, financial and strategic matters. We seek an active role at Board level of any of our portfolio companies. We think globally and rely on a broad network of semiconductor and material sector players, R&D centers and VC's."

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